Project Statement


I have been living abroad for almost three months now unable to work while waiting for my EU citizenship to get finalized I have been doing what I love the most – painting and creating different types of original artwork. I’ve accumulated a good sum of works on paper and well what am I going to do with all this work? I’m going to sell it and I’m going to donate 60% of my sales to NGOS operating in the USA! 

As a recent ex-pat living abroad from the States, you still can’t get away from the bad news and reality of what is going on under this new administration. I always knew I wanted to be an artist, but I also very much want to help others. So in light of the current atmosphere I am vowing to sell my original artworks, donating 60% of the sales to different US organizations to help my fellow Americans back home. Some say I’m lucky to be living away and so soon after the country started going haywire, but that doesn’t mean we as ex-pats are escaping any dilemmas. I’d like to offer the work I spend a lot of time making to the public with good cause, intention, and love. Money does talk and it does help and currently feeling at a loss, this is how I know I can help - this is what I feel like I can offer to raise money for these foundations. You will not only help an artist who gives a shit, but you’ll be helping even more people by knowing your money goes to a greater cause, and in return you have a lovely piece of art in your home which symbolizes not only something aesthetic but good intention and a good reminder that we can all do something to help one another in this crazed time we all find ourselves in.

Even if I don’t sell everything, even if some people doubt this effort, I’ve got nothing to lose but as these organizations keep repeating: every little bit helps to even keep the lights on. The pieces will range from $50 to $300. That means if you buy a $60 painting - $42 of that will be split evenly and donated directly to the following organizations: Planned Parenthood, ACLU, and the International Rescue Committee. The other 30% will make sure I can pay for my website and art materials, as these things are never cheap.

You as a patron can choose which cause you'd like to donate your portion to, or I will evenly distribute the 60% among the three organizations.

Once I have the first few pieces sold I will make sure to photograph and show proof of my donations to these organizations abroad, as well as keep track of any receipts for materials to show I’m not pocketing all of the money.

I do hope that you will help spread my message and if you are an artist and want to do the same then let’s team up!


Light and love,

Stephanie Podasca




∆ If you don't want to buy my art - DONATE ANYWAY 

∆ I am shipping from Denmark, so shipping will not be speedy!