Stephanie Podasca Paintings

A new addition to my website is my portolfio of paintings - ART. The images span from 2007 to present, including a series that is currently in process and one I wish to show in completion within the next year. I was a painter long before I was a dyer, and in recent months I have found solace and happiness in returning to that place of artistic exploration and method. When I started my line of textiles, I for some reason felt it necessary to keep the two worlds separate and now I realize that my art is my art alone, no matter what the media may be. The focus was on growing a business and it is all consuming endeavor no matter what kind of business that is! It's very important as an artist to revisit where you began and to witness your own personal growth throughout the years. I now wish to open those fans of mine to my other style of creation and process and hope you enjoy the new ART tab as I intend for you to do so. 



Holiday WrapUp + Cheers to 2015!

The last month was nothing but beautiful beautiful chaos! I'd like to share some pictures from a few events I got to participate in for the last holiday season. The holiday season started off with Portland Flea's Holiday version of Sunday Emporium at Rejuvenation in SE Portland. I also attended my first big Portland trade show with Crafty Wonderland at the Convention Center. The experience was filled with excitement, lots of learning, and inspiration to create even more product in the coming year.

I'm excited to start creating some new home wares for kitchen, baby, pets, bags, kaftans, and even candles. I am starting the new year with some classes at PCC to learn all the new things I possibly can. The last year definitely proved itself to be successful for me through diligent hard work and exploring, so why should I stop right? I'm motivated to take on the show circuit and get my designs out to the world.

Thanks to all those who came to meet me, buy scarves + pillows for their loved ones in the last couple of months, and showed sheer enthusiasm about my product! I'm feeling truly grateful and stoked for 2015.

Cheers and hope your New Years has started on nothing but the right foot.