Holiday WrapUp + Cheers to 2015!

The last month was nothing but beautiful beautiful chaos! I'd like to share some pictures from a few events I got to participate in for the last holiday season. The holiday season started off with Portland Flea's Holiday version of Sunday Emporium at Rejuvenation in SE Portland. I also attended my first big Portland trade show with Crafty Wonderland at the Convention Center. The experience was filled with excitement, lots of learning, and inspiration to create even more product in the coming year.

I'm excited to start creating some new home wares for kitchen, baby, pets, bags, kaftans, and even candles. I am starting the new year with some classes at PCC to learn all the new things I possibly can. The last year definitely proved itself to be successful for me through diligent hard work and exploring, so why should I stop right? I'm motivated to take on the show circuit and get my designs out to the world.

Thanks to all those who came to meet me, buy scarves + pillows for their loved ones in the last couple of months, and showed sheer enthusiasm about my product! I'm feeling truly grateful and stoked for 2015.

Cheers and hope your New Years has started on nothing but the right foot.



Upcoming Holiday Events

Sunday November 30

Portland Flea + Rejuvenation : Sunday Emporium

1100 SE Grand St ∆  PDX OR ∆  

11am - 4pm


December 13+14 Weekend

Crafty Wonderland 

The Oregon Convention Center - Exhibit Hall D

777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd ∆ Portland OR

11am - 6pm


Saturday December 20

Holiday Trunk Show @ Fort Greene General Store

218 DeKalb Avenue ∆ Brooklyn NY 11205


Can't wait to see you there!




Flea + Sunday Emporium + Stephanie Podasca

This fall/winter season I will be vending at the Sunday Emporium edition of Portland Flea every last Sunday of the month at Rejuvenation on SE Grand St. There's a wonderful mix of local makers and vintage finds and I'm thrilled to use the gorgeous furniture and fixtures to dress up my assortment of hand-dyed throw pillows. Each pillow is 100% handmade and totally unique. I've always felt that it doesn't matter what your couch looks like because the power of a good throw pillow speaks volumes in a single room and can easily impress. I will also have a mix of current silk scarves, as well as new textile color ways I'm playing with. Can't wait to see you there.


Wrap it Up!

This is a quick and simple post to show you how your wonderful scarf will come packaged... I realized this hasn't been documented and I need to answer some questions so here are some photos of the wrapping process! Scarves come tucked inside black tissue paper and the very news print used in my dyeing process. Sealed with PodascaShop stickers of course...


Creating Fall 2014

- Welcome to my fall preview! -

I've been playing with a new approach to my line and challenging myself to create a truly cohesive collection with a concise mood and color palette. When I started my line of scarves, it felt like a new way to express my art on a formally new canvas, so I created what I wanted when I wanted to in any shape, color, design, etc. without focusing on the story of what a fashion line should truly be if it's going to succeed in this volatile and competitive fashion market we experience today.

Through this self-imposed restraint and fresh approach, I've come up with something I'm truly proud of. Some heavy silk noile wraps, chiffon neck scarves, and habotai veils in a swirl of Tobacco, Fresh Black, Burgundy, Sage, Misty Celadon and Parme Rose. Muted petals and nature-inspired tones with an urban edginess.  I've incorporated some ombre, shibori, and hand-painted techniques that have all come together beautifully. Excited to introduce a collection that will keep you glamorous and warm all chilly season long...

Here are some photos of my work so far and please stay tuned for the official launch in the shop and in select stores.

Scarfy Play Day

I was able to escape the winter cold for a 3 day weekend to a beautifully sunny 80-degree San Diego. I also got to spend some creative time with two of my besties in Coronado on the beach playing with makeup, scarves, and a new camera lens! Here are some photos of myself wearing my favorite turquoise earrings and some indigo scarves I hand-dyed. It looks like I'm casting spells on the pretty rocks and i kinda love it!

Photos by Juliana Daniil & Make-up by Denise Daly

Girl power! Xx

Indigo Winter

This past weekend my beau and I tried our hands at dying with natural indigo, attempting ancient Shibori techniques from Japan. The most exciting part about this experience is having no idea what you're doing, but your work and dedication eventually yields surprisingly beautiful results! In preparation, we read numerous other blog entries from around the world, watched old youtube videos from Japan in the 1980s, and consulted Janice Gunner's Shibori for Textile Artists. We finally felt ready after a month of talking about it!

The textiles we used were cotton duck canvas pre-washed; silk chiffon and georgette pre-sewn into two circle scarves. We tried out a folding-clamping method (Itajime) to achieve the geometric patterns, an accordion style tie (Tesuji) and some rope-wrapping methods to achieve the other stripy-mirrored patterns. 

Let's just say some came out better than others but I've been able to utilize almost every textile: scarves, pillows, even a tote!

Here's some photos of the day-long process and adventure...

shibori indigo patterns

Be sure that I will attempt another dye batch and that some silk scarves will be up for purchase in the near future.