Indigo March

This past weekend I did my first indigo batch of the year! I woke up early to get my blue friend going, after spending hours the night before stitching and clamping fabric.  I added to a vat left from a few months ago.  Hard to say if it really does much but I love the idea of truly trying to grandfather a vat and keep it going and keeping the connection between all one's textile batches. This round I mostly wanted to darken fabrics I had dyed before and I'm learning to limit my fabric quantity. I get so excited.

The cloudy Portland weather was a perfect day for shooting and capturing these true blues. I'm really trying to get myself to utilize this blog more frequently. It helps my process and forces me to use my camera, practicing another passion I behold. It's easy to fall in one direction, isn't it? 

I'm pictured wearing my dyer's uniform. I've somehow happened to continue wearing the same vans, jeans, and ripped denim shirt. What you wear in your studio can make a difference I don't care if you disagree! The shoes and vans get darker each time. Makes me so happy. It's the simple things really. 

Happy Spring! So much indigo product to come. yay.  

Mother's Day Trunk Sale

Dear Portland,

Join us this Wednesday for some last minute Mom shopping! (or shopping for yourself of course) 10% storewide and vino refreshments! I'm bringing a wide selection of scarves - large, small, colorful, indigo - and a load of new hand-made pillows I've created for my new homeline Indigotique. All this in addition to the incredible selection of jewels, crystals, and vintage garb to be found at Demimonde!

We can't wait to see and meet all of you.


podasca trunk sale

Indigo Love for Antoinette Vintage NY

This past weekend I worked on creating some hand-dyed natural indigo scarves to be exclusively sold at Antoinette Vintage in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. All my scarves are truly unique, so you won't be seeing these ones on the online shop. Here's a sneak peak of the designs you can find there (and a photo of me hanging up the first run) 

If you live in the NYC area, you must pop in and see all the wonderful vintage and bespoke treasures this gem offers and follow their finds and new arrivals @antoinettevintage on insta and twitter!

Truly excited to be sending these babes to the big bad city where it all got started!