Stephanie Podasca Paintings

A new addition to my website is my portolfio of paintings - ART. The images span from 2007 to present, including a series that is currently in process and one I wish to show in completion within the next year. I was a painter long before I was a dyer, and in recent months I have found solace and happiness in returning to that place of artistic exploration and method. When I started my line of textiles, I for some reason felt it necessary to keep the two worlds separate and now I realize that my art is my art alone, no matter what the media may be. The focus was on growing a business and it is all consuming endeavor no matter what kind of business that is! It's very important as an artist to revisit where you began and to witness your own personal growth throughout the years. I now wish to open those fans of mine to my other style of creation and process and hope you enjoy the new ART tab as I intend for you to do so. 



Creating Fall 2014

- Welcome to my fall preview! -

I've been playing with a new approach to my line and challenging myself to create a truly cohesive collection with a concise mood and color palette. When I started my line of scarves, it felt like a new way to express my art on a formally new canvas, so I created what I wanted when I wanted to in any shape, color, design, etc. without focusing on the story of what a fashion line should truly be if it's going to succeed in this volatile and competitive fashion market we experience today.

Through this self-imposed restraint and fresh approach, I've come up with something I'm truly proud of. Some heavy silk noile wraps, chiffon neck scarves, and habotai veils in a swirl of Tobacco, Fresh Black, Burgundy, Sage, Misty Celadon and Parme Rose. Muted petals and nature-inspired tones with an urban edginess.  I've incorporated some ombre, shibori, and hand-painted techniques that have all come together beautifully. Excited to introduce a collection that will keep you glamorous and warm all chilly season long...

Here are some photos of my work so far and please stay tuned for the official launch in the shop and in select stores.