Always a work in progress...

Stephanie studied Art History and Museum Professions at FIT in Manhattan, NY where she meanwhile worked on her painting craft and fell into the addictive world of textile art- silk painting, tub-dying with natural indigo, and acid-dyeing natural fibers. Recently, Stephanie has returned to her first love of painting and is playing with ways to combine both forces of paint mediums and textile into a new entity. 

Stephanie has lived and worked in New York, Los Angeles, Stockholm, Copenhagen and is now settled in Portland, Oregon. She is currently pursuing an MA degree in Clinical Counseling, hoping to bring the healing powers of art and other modalities to others. Her therapeutic interests include somatic and expressive art therapies, Buddhist practices, Shamanism, and psychedelic psychotherapy.

About The Work

In large, I create "cave paintings" as my focus. I use various textures, colors, lines, and materials to give a sense of a dwelling and to emphasize the movement and shapes of cave formations. The dwelling is emotional, psychological, tangible, an abstract representation of a secret space. It is where man started, where painting started, and has been referenced extensively in history and philosophy. The cave belongs to everyone and no one. The cave is sacred, and each person has their very own version of a cave which they may call a "safe place" or sanctuary. 

Every material I use is representational of a memory, emotion, time, or place. I tell an abstract story of what is happening as I lay down each layer of material or paint, and in the end the piece is harmoniously hiding a story within itself for the viewer to decipher, to feel, and to project their own sense of the process onto the piece. I always love to absorb the way each viewer takes in a piece - the triggers, memories, or visual images that present themselves forth forever creating a unique experience. 


Photo by Chelsea Lagomarsino 2018

Photo by Chelsea Lagomarsino 2018